• Dining

Fine Feasting

Bastion House is renowned for its Bespoke dishes. Anything from “Skaapstertjies” and traditional Samp, to Cluttered Cream from our local dairy. We pride ourselves on serving regional fare, traditional foods with a twist of something more, all while observing and minimizing our Carbon Footprint.

We only serve sour-dough-breads made from Crystal Valley Stone Ground Flour and cheeses from a local who is a renowned cheesemaker specializing in a variety of cheeses, and one who is a formidable Jam maker, producing an array of almost-forgotten jams and spreads, including the very indulgent and scarce “Nastergal” (Nightshade) jam.

Our Fresh produce is locally sourced, and our Micro-herbs are grown in Aquaponics. All of this is what makes our meals even more delicious and unique, and every meal an experience.

This does not mean we are not flexible to cater to any event you might want. From a variety of Curry’s to less traditional meals, we will do and exceed, using our winning-recipe of locally sourced, responsibly cultivated ingredients.

Our Launch also kicks off our new monthly long table event as an overindulgence of the senses. The tastes of the best artisan cheeses and jams, home baked breads and exquisite fine foods. The sights to see and the stories to hear; and the feeling of a long-forgotten era, where indulgence was a ritualistic feast.